FAQ / Service Info


What type of commercial photography do you shoot?

Architectural photography, automotive, food, product, corporate photography etc.

How much is a typical commercial photography shoot?

It depends on the need. Please email me or call 940.441.2163 to discuss.

What is the turnaround time for photos?

Most commercial photography jobs are delivered in 24-48 hours. Will discuss in the event of an anticipated delay of deliverables.

What payments do you accept?

Checks, money orders and PayPal payments are accepted. I ask that each client pay on-site on the day of or when the deliverables are ready. 

Use License?

You receive an unlimited non-transferable license in perpetuity to use images for website, social media, e-mail and print advertising for your business. Justin Goode retains full ownership of images. All images delivered may not be transferred/used by another entity, business, person, vendor etc., unless they've purchased a use license through Justin Goode. 


What can I expect to receive with your standard photo shoot?

You will receive two sets of 25, 30 or 36 images (hi-res & lo-res) depending on the square footage of the home. The high resolution images are for your print/marketing materials and the low resolution images are for uploading to your local MLS. Additional images can be shot at the appointment if requested for a nominal fee.

Will I be able to preview the images before I pay for them?

Yes. Request to preview the images on-site after the appointment. All appointments must be paid for once services have been rendered.

What is the turnaround time for photos and the social video?

Once the appointment has been paid for, you can receive the images & video in 24 hours or less from the end appointment.

What should I do to prepare the home?

When you schedule a shoot, I will send you a property shoot checklist to give to your homeowner. Little details specified within the checklist make a world of difference in the final product.

What if it looks like it might rain? Can I cancel and reschedule?

Yes, you may reschedule your photo shoot. Please note appointments should be rescheduled no less than 4 hours from the start of the scheduled appointment time otherwise a $25 cancellation fee will be charged.

Will you still shoot if it's raining?

Yes. I can shoot the interiors and if the rain stops I may be able to shoot exteriors. If I'm unable to shoot exterior images due to weather I will come back to the property at a later time/date. A $25 inclement weather fee is charged plus any applicable trip charges.

Can you make the grass green?

Yes. "Greening" grass is a service that is provided. Please look at the Residential Price List for current pricing info. 

Can you edit items out of my photos?

It depends. For residential real estate images following TREC's regulations, I can not edit anything that is a structural element of the property itself (e.g. telephone poles, cracks in the walls/concrete, etc). I can edit out items such as stray leaves, swimming pool toys, etc.

What payments do you accept?

I ask that each client pay no later than 24 hours following the end of the appointment or on-site on the day of. Checks, money orders and PayPal payments are accepted.

What usage rights are granted when I book a photo shoot?

You receive permanent usage rights meaning that you have a non-transferable right to use the images for your individual marketing purposes for as long as you like. No strings attached. You may not create derivative works from any of the work products. All music, videos and stills used and created by Justin Goode are protected by copyright law, are owned solely by Justin Goode and may not be used without written consent or payment for use. 

What if my client doesn't like the images?

I want everyone I work with to be happy with our services and take dissatisfaction seriously. I will come back out to re-shoot property images if needed. You can find details regarding re-shoot fees here. I give my clients the opportunity to preview images on-site and they may request adjustments to compositions if necessary. To avoid a re-shoot fee, the best time to ask for changes is while I am still at the appointment.


Where will the photo shoot be located?

We can discuss while booking, but most of the time the photo shoots will be on location outdoors or on-site at your office.

If I'm having "headshots" taken, how many can I expect to receive following the photo shoot?

I will deliver via email all of the "keepers" and you may select one photograph following the session to be retouched.

How much would it be to edit/retouch additional images?

Additional images can be edited/retouched @ $75/hr

What do you typically edit when retouching photos?

I color correct the photos, edit out minor skin blemishes, whiten up teeth and eyes if needed and remove any distracting stray hairs out of the final selected head shot images.

We have a large group that needs to be photographed, can you accommodate?

It depends on the size group you have. Give me a call, 940.441.2163, and we can discuss in detail.

What payments do you accept?

I ask that each client pay no later than 24 hours following the appointment or on-site on the day of. Checks, money orders and PayPal payments are accepted.