Wichita Falls Real Estate Photography

Wichita Falls, TX
Wichita Falls, TX

Producing quality real estate and architectural photography for professionals in the Wichita Falls area.

Having just recently moved to Wichita Falls in July of '17, I was a little skeptical of who would be willing to try me out. I was the new photographer in town offering real estate photography services. After passing out flyers, cold-calling realtors and brokers and pitching services in person I found someone that understood the value of the quality photography being brought to the Wichita Falls real estate photography market. Mason McCleskey of Domain Real Estate. He gets it and was quick to hire me to photograph some of his listings. I'm grateful to have found someone that knows that quality images not only can reduce days on market & increase the listing's final selling price, BUT also sees the long-term value in marketing themselves with professional listing photography.

When needing photos of a home, many realtors reach for the camera they carry with them all the time: their smartphone. And at first glance, that makes sense. Why not use a smartphone to photograph a listing? It’s fast and easy.

But here are the problems: first, it takes a great deal of experience to learn how to compose an exterior or interior photograph of a home that makes it attractive to a buyer. Second, lighting conditions are often complex, so complex that even a professional can’t use a smartphone to take quality pictures of a listing. Third, even the best pictures need manual adjustment and editing . . . just like portraits or wedding photos.

Those listing photographs will be around for years to come. And the quality of those images will be there for every other potential seller or buyer to see. The long-term marketing value of quality photography lives well beyond the sale of the home.

Enjoy some of the real estate photos that I've shot since moving to Wichita Falls. 


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